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MANUSCRIPTS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST                                                                    

Simon Thomas, Juli. “Health Effects of Disruptive Life Events: A Focus on Employment and Marital Instability.” Under review at Social Problems.

Simon Thomas, Juli. “Dimensions of Family Disruption: Coincidence, Interactions, and Impacts on Children’s Educational Attainments.” Revise and Resubmit, Longitudinal and Life Course Studies.

Simon Thomas, Juli. “Disruptive Events in Childhood and Children’s Educational Attainment: Does Timing Matter?” Revise and Resubmit, Family Relations.

Simon Thomas, Juli. “Four Decades of Disruptive Events: Prevalence and Effects on Children’s Educational Attainment.” Under review at Journal of Family Issues.

Simon Thomas, Juli. “Single Mothers’ Unemployment Experiences After a Job Displacement: Children’s Educational and Psychological Outcomes.” CCPR Working Paper Series, PWP-CCPR-2014-008. Under review at Social Science Quarterly.

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